Juris Nimbus

Why We Do What We Do


Juris Nimbus started life at Clark/Nikdel/Powell, an ad agency in Florida. After winning some serious recognition for the first legal website we developed for Peterson & Myers, PA, and getting some stellar SEO results for Brooks Law Group, we started to get long lines of “refugees” from the big niche legal website providers who were furious with the poor service and results they were getting from their current providers. After a while, it became clear to us that most legal website providers were cranking out awful websites.

We found by simply adhering to the same standards we used for all of our clients, making legal websites that compete in local and national search engine results wasn’t as hard as people were making it out to be. The typical law firm website looks like it was slapped together 10 years ago, and in many cases that assessment isn’t far off. Built off aging, in-house, proprietary technologies, the typical law firm websites are hard to update dinosaurs. Juris Nimbus, on the other hand, uses the most successful website platform on the web: WordPress.

WordPress’s open source community of developers is so much more vast than any single company’s development team, that there’s really no way for the “big guys” to keep up. Despite what you may hear from their salesmen, there’s nothing inherently different about a lawyer website than those from other fields, a good website is a good website. This is true whether you’re talking about prospective clients, other lawyers, or even search engines.

If you feel like your website doesn’t represent you and your firm as well as you represent your clients, then give us a shout.