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Legal SEO Advice – Give Back

Posted by on Sunday, February 16, 2014 in Blog, Legal SEO

One of my absolute favorite SEO tactics that I like to recommend to attorneys is giving back to their community. It’s an age-old attorney marketing tactic, but it has big implications in today’s online marketing efforts. After law firms see how effective an SEO campaign campaign can be in driving qualified traffic to their site, they come back to us and ask what else can they can do to build their online presence. Sometimes the answer is crafting some quality blog content and other times it may be some thoughtful online advertising, but what do I tell the firm that’s already doing it all online?

Give Back to the Community!

Take that surplus marketing budget, and go help some folks. Have your firm organize fundraising events, help a needy family get on their feet, put on free legal workshops for your community. Instead of buying ad space with your local newspaper, get in your local newspaper. Don’t go buying links to your website from some black-hat SEO (that hasn’t worked for years), you probably need to be concerned more with co-citation and co-occurrence of your law firm’s name anyway. In other words, if you want to show up in Google’s search results for “law firm in exampletown, example state “, then you need to have your law firms name mentioned alongside with the name of wherever you are located by a lot of high-authority websites around the web that are relevant to your firm.

Sure your local newspapers may not be very relevant to the law, but few websites are more relevant when talking about a city’s name than that of a local newpaper’s. If you Google just about any city’s name, their local newspaper is going to be somewhere on the first page of search results, meaning Google thinks they must be one of the most authoritative sources for information about their city. So if you let your local news reporter know you’re giving away turkeys before thanksgiving (may be not in very large cities, but most cities), and they report the next day “Exampletown Law Firm, Example Law Group, gives away turkeys to area needy families,” you have yourself an SEO win. Not to mention you did something good for the people in your community, that can never hurt.

Juris Nimbus Now Accepts Bitcoin

Posted by on Friday, December 13, 2013 in Blog

We’ve always been flexible with our clients. Whether it’s crazy website design changes or taking credit cards so our clients can get gobs of points on their cards, we just want to make our clients happy. In the case of Bitcoin it was just a no-brainer. With almost zero transaction fees and easy payment options, it just made sense. Especially for our international clients.

At Juris Nimbus we’re always always trying out the next big thing, it’s how we stay ahead of the curve. The difference between us and other attorney marketing agencies is we’ll quit using it when and if it stops working!