Juris Nimbus

No One Uses the Phone Book Anymore

Search Engine Optimization

Get the clients you want with a strategic SEO plan that’s driven by real content, not shortcuts.

You’ve just built a beautiful website.  Now you need people to find it.

As phonebooks go the way of the dodo, SEO has become an indispensable tool.

Clicks are the new currency, and where you rank in search results can be the difference between choosing the cases you want and taking the ones you can get.  No one wants their website to be listed on the seventh “O” in Google.

Our SEO techniques don’t just put you at the top.  They build quality brand equity over time.  We do that by creating and maintaining great content.  No spamming, no shortcuts.

And in the right hands, SEO can be one of the most powerful, targeted marketing tools in your arsenal.  Instead of casting a wide net, cast the right net.  Focus your efforts on those who are already interested in the services you provide.

SEO is the sign in front of your new office.  Let’s make it feel like a billboard.